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Annamite Resources in Laos Exploration for Gold, Silver and Copper Minerals (Mining Companies in Laos) Mining Company in Singapore Mining in Laos, Investment Opportunity in Singapore, Investment Opportunity in Laos, Investment Opportunities in Singapore, Investment Opportunities in Laos


  • Annamite Resources Holdings Pte. Ltd. (ARH) is a precious and base metals mineral exploration company incorporated in Singapore (# 201915983C) with operations in Laos.

  • A new local Lao subsidiary subsidiary Annamite Resources Laos Co., Ltd  (# 01-00024196) was established in July 2020

  • By modern exploration standards, Laos is an underexplored but highly prospective country for the precious and base metal deposit types which Annamite is targeting: 
    o    less than 6% of Laos has been covered by modern exploration methods;
    o    the Truongson and Loei Fold Belts which are highly prospective for porphyry and related deposit types, comprise 70% of the country.

  • Our strategy is to build a quality portfolio of near drill-ready to drill-ready exploration projects that can be quickly moved to discovery stage with drilling, i.e. the Project Developer model. 

  • Since our start-up was established in May 2019, we have screened over 25 targets, shortlisted more than a dozen including some drill ready targets, and selected the top two below for immediate work.

  • We have already secured and signed 2 Joint Venture deals on two attractive projects: epithermal gold-silver (Sakai) & porphyry copper-gold (Sokdee).

  • The company aims to list on the Australian ASX, Toronto TSX-V or London AIM market in 2022.

  • Our team members under our Lao-based expatriate Australian Chief Geologist, Paul Burrell, have already established exploration facilities in-country allowing us to operate cost-effectively without the overhead of importing equipment and people.

  • Despite acknowledged potential as exemplified by the producing Sepon and Ban Houayxai - Phu Kam mines, no significant discoveries have been made outside of known mineral districts during the past 15 years

  • Annamite already has a broad base of shareholders from different parts of the world, including Laos and other SE Asia countries, who recognize the opportunity that Laos presents and wish to participate in both value creation as well as sustainable development in-country.  We are now looking to broaden that base during a new round of financing in Q1 2021, looking at raising about US$2.5 million.

  • Annamite Resources Full corporate presentation 

  • See our Corporate Flyer and informational 2 pagers in English and Laotian 

  • Additional details can be seen in our brochure: English and Laotian.

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