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Annamite Resources and LHBS, Enhance Health and Safety of Sokdee Project Team

Lei Dultra, Communication Officer of Annamite Resources

23 May 2023

Recognizing the inherent risks associated with mineral exploration activities, Annamite Resources Laos - Lao Hyundae Black Stone has initiated a priority programme for the health and safety of its workforce.

Annamite Resources LAOS & Lao Hyundae Black Stone is now taking a proactive approach to prioritize the health and safety of its Sokdee Project team. The project's management has introduced comprehensive medical checkups for both the staff and exploration team, ensuring a healthier and safer working environment. This initiative by the mineral exploration company signifies its commitment to the well-being of its employees and reinforces the significance of health and safety practices within the industry.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

Recognizing the inherent risks associated with mineral exploration activities, Annamite Resources Laos - Lao Hyundae Black Stone has initiated a priority programme for the health and safety of its workforce. By implementing regular medical check-ups, the company aims to identify potential health issues, prevent workplace accidents, and promote overall well-being among its employees. This proactive approach demonstrates the company's dedication to maintaining high standards of safety in a demanding work environment.

The comprehensive medical check-ups encompass a range of health assessments and screenings.

Key components of the medical check-ups includes:

▪ Physical Examinations

Thorough physical examinations are conducted to assess the overall health of employees. These examinations may include measurements of vital signs, vision tests, hearing assessments, and examinations of musculoskeletal health.

▪ Occupational Health Assessments

Specific evaluations are conducted to identify any occupation-related health concerns. These assessments focus on detecting occupational hazards, such as exposure to chemicals or excessive noise, and ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations.

▪ Preventive Screenings

The medical check-ups also encompass preventive screenings, such as blood tests, to detect any underlying health conditions that may impact job performance or pose risks in the workplace. Early detection of such conditions allows for timely intervention and necessary medical treatment.

By prioritizing health assessments, the company promotes a culture of care and concern for its employees. Regular check-ups enable early detection of health issues, leading to timely interventions and improved overall well-being.

Furthermore, the identification of potential health risks through medical check-ups allows the company to implement appropriate safety measures and mitigate workplace hazards. This proactive approach minimizes the occurrence of accidents and ensures a safer working environment.

Healthy employees are more productive and engaged in their work. By addressing health concerns promptly, the company reduces absenteeism, enhances job satisfaction, and fosters a motivated workforce.

This initiative not only enhances the safety standards within the industry but also promotes a culture of care and support, ultimately contributing to the success and sustainability of the Sokdee Project.

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