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Annamite Resources Commenced Trenching at Sokdee Project

Lei Dultra, Communication Officer of Annamite Resources

27 Mar 2023

First Trenching Program in 2023 at Grassy Target

Trenching activities have recently begun at the Grassy target, located in the central region of the Namthom-Mouk Porphyry Trend. The project aims to explore and assess the potential mineralization in this area. Currently, two trenches have been excavated, covering a cumulative distance of 183 meters. The overall trenching plan encompasses the creation of four trenches, with a total length of 700 meters.

The initial trenching efforts in the central part of the Grassy target have revealed the presence of highly altered rock formations. These rocks exhibit visible minerals, suggesting the occurrence of gold and copper deposits in the area. The identification of these mineral indicators is an encouraging sign for the potential mineralization at Grassy.

The trenching operations will persist until early April 2023, allowing for a comprehensive examination of the subsurface mineralization within the Grassy target.

This period will provide ample time for further exploration, analysis, and evaluation of the exposed geological features, including the extent and grade of the gold and copper minerals. The data collected through trenching will contribute valuable information to assess the economic viability and potential of future mining operations in the area.

The continuation of trenching activities until the specified timeframe demonstrates the commitment to thoroughly investigate the mineral potential at Grassy. The data obtained from these efforts will aid in making informed decisions regarding the feasibility of further exploration or development plans in the region.

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