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Annamite Resources Team is Hiring

Lei Dultra, Communication Officer of Annamite Resources

30 Jan 2024

Unlock Your Career Potential: Join Annamite Resources: Office Manager and Sr. Manager Assistant Positions Available

Are you ready to take on a pivotal role in the dynamic world of mineral exploration in Laos? Annamite Resources is seeking a qualified and experienced Office Manager and Assistant to the Senior Manager to join our team in Vientiane.


Overall Responsibilities:

  1. Effective Support: Provide efficient support to exploration teams.

  2. Financial Support: Collaborate with accounting, finance, and investor relation staff.

  3. Office Efficiency: Contribute to setting up an efficient Vientiane office.

  4. Team Management: Manage and support administrative, procurement, and logistical junior staff.

  5. IT Management: Maintain office functions related to IT/computer systems and asset register.

  6. Executive Support: Organize and schedule appointments for senior management.

  7. Meeting Management: Plan internal meetings, set agendas, take detailed minutes, and ensure proper filing.

  8. Correspondence: Write, distribute, and archive mails, letters, memos, and reports.

  9. Filing System: Maintain the Dropbox filing system and suggest upgrades.

  10. Visitor Management: Update and maintain Vientiane office information for visitors.

  11. Liaison: Liaise with executive and senior management for an efficient working environment.

  12. HR Function: Provide recommendations for local employee hiring and organize HR functions.

  13. Organization Chart: Develop, implement, and regularly update the organization chart.

  14. Supplier Evaluation: Research and evaluate prospective suppliers in various sectors.

Budget Support: Assist senior managers in preparing budgets, cost analyses, and reports.

As an Office Manager, you will be responsible for managing junior staff, assessing their performance, and reporting to senior management on staffing and workload.


Overall Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the manager in various tasks.

  2. Translate documents from Lao to English and vice versa.

  3. Draft documents for the manager, government, and investors.

  4. Ensure manager planning is executed.

  5. Deliver official documents as per the manager's request.

  6. Follow up with different interlocutors and document delivery.

  7. Maintain and update documents and meeting records.

  8. Accompany the manager on visits to government and investors.

  9. Support the office assistant as needed.

  10. Organize a filing system for important and confidential company documents.

  11. Maintain a good relationship with the Government.


  1. Ability to work with different departments.

  2. Knowledge of Microsoft Office.

  3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills (English & Lao).

  4. Attention to detail.

  5. Proactive response to changes.

  6. Independence in work.

  7. Fast learner and worker.

  8. Quick adaptability to a new environment.

How to Apply: Send your CV and cover letter to

Industry: Mining & Metals

Employment Type: Full-time

Join Annamite Resources in shaping the future of mineral exploration in Laos!

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