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Community Support in Sokdee Concession

Didier Fohlen, CEO of Annamite Resources

24 Nov 2022

Annamite/LHBS supports infrastructure improvements in Laos.

In April 2022, Annamite/LHBS donated US$2000 towards the repair of the bridge over the Nam Ton River between Souanmone and Namthom villages.  In October, Annamite/LHBS has provided an additional US$2500 towards the construction of two new toilet blocks for students at the Namthom elementary school, with construction ongoing.  A new project will be initiated by LHBS/Annamite before the end of the year in relation to solid waste management in the villages of Namthom, Mouk and Navay.  The initial cost estimate is US$4500, and this project is to be further assessed and discussed.  An initial assessment of the conditions of the rural roads within the southern Hinherb concession area was undertaken by a civil engineering team from Lao Consulting Group.  The aim is to design new roads or improve existing tracks within the concession area for year-round access.  Some of the access will be used for Mouk and Namthom prospects for drilling as well as for construction purposes.    


In 2022, Annamite and LHBS expect to contribute a total of US$12 000 for community development in Namthom and other nearby villages.  This contribution is in addition to statutory commitments for development funding.


During the period February to November 2022, Annamite has employed casual labour from Namthom and Navay villages, to perform such tasks as soil sampling, core cutting and sampling, housekeeping and general maintenance.  This will continue through December 2022 and into 2023.

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