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Annamite Resources in Laos Exploration for Gold, Silver and Copper Minerals (Mining Companies in Laos) Mining Company in Singapore Mining in Laos, Investment Opportunity in Singapore, Investment Opportunity in Laos, Investment Opportunities in Singapore, Investment Opportunities in Laos


  • Annamite Resources is named after the Annamite Mountain range that runs along the border between Laos and Vietnam.

  • We focus on Laos because it has world class ore deposits, but is one of the least explored countries in Asia.

  • Approximately 70% of the country is occupied by geologically prospective rocks with demonstrated endowment of world class copper and gold deposits.

  • Our team has an proven discovery history in Laos and elsewhere, a deep knowledge of the local operating environment and a large proprietary dataset. This allows us an unmatched ability to identify the best projects and work effectively with local partners and the regulatory regime.

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