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Following due diligence in 2020-2021, exploration by Annamite on the Sokdee Projectcommenced in March 2022. Since then, fieldwork on the Sokdee Project has continued without interruption.


The first exploration campaign in March to August 2022 at Namthom prospect, in the southern part of the tenement, consisted of soil geochemistry, drone magnetics and a scout drilling program of eight core (DD) holes, totaling 1,978m.


From September 2022 through April 2023, the team undertook infill soil sampling and an induced polarization (IP) survey consisting of six survey lines, to better understand the geometry of the potential deposits at Namthom. A new exciting target named Mouk located in the northern part of the tenement was identified, with multi-element analytical results showing significant potential.  An additional drone magnetics survey to the north of the previous survey, to cover Mouk and Mouk West targets, was completed in February 2023.



The second exploration campaign started with trenching in March-April 2023 on the most promising, peripheral anomalies on the eastern and northern parts of Namthom, ahead of any drilling.  A total length of 665.3m was completed with four trenches.  The 2023 Stage-1 drilling program included nine short Reverse Circulation percussion (RC) holes totaling 596m along strike into the peripheral targets of Grassy, Spine and Palm, in and around Namthom prospect.


Ahead of DD drilling, a new IP survey was undertaken in June-July 2023 at Grassy and Mouk targets, with Rio Tinto, per the Agreement signed on 6 July, to assist with initial testing of surface targets.


Stage-2 drilling in July-October 2023, includes four DD holes totaling 1,496m into the exciting Mouk target as well as one hole at Namthom.  Full assay results are expected by January 2024.


The initial exploration assessment shows the presence of Cu-Au-Mo porphyries and peripheral Au-Ag-Zn targets in the Sokdee concession, with six prospects identified by Annamite.



Our first exploration campaign in 2022 consisted of soil geochemistry, drone magnetics on the southern part of the tenement and a scout drilling program in mid-2022 comprised of eight core holes, totalling 1978m.


The Annamite team has conducted low-cost ground operations during the tail end of the monsoon and the beginning of the dry season. Infill soil sampling and an induced polarization (IP) survey consisting of six lines to better understand the changeability of the potential deposits, was also undertaken at Namthom prospect.


From January 2023, the final round of infill soil sampling was completed on the exciting Mouk target, with multi-element analytical results showing significant potential. 


The best drill results so far are from hole NT_22_003, with 60m @ 0.22g/t Au, 0.4% Cu and 88ppm Mo in the porphyry and from two new, separate discoveries of Au (8 to 11g/t), Ag and base metals in potential economic zones.

sokdee photos (2).png


The number of sensors at different angles creates thousands of accurate data points, including geo-references, elevation points and colours.


An additional drone magnetics survey to the north of the previous survey in the Hinherb block, to cover Mouk and Mouk West targets was completed.

MARCH 2023

Trenching on the best peripheral anomalies around Namthom/Grassy has started in March 2023 ahead of any drilling.

sokdee photos.png


Trenching requires an excavator to dig a meter-wide trench about 2 meters deep.

Trenches will be fenced for safety reasons and ultimately backfilled.

APRIL 2023


The second drilling will commence.

Our 2023 drilling program includes multiple short RC holes along strike into the peripheral targets at Spine and Palm targets, a few deep DD holes into the Namthom porphyry, and drill testing of new soil geochemical targets at Mouk and Mouk West.


If required an additional geophysical IP survey will be conducted. Upon completion of drilling, we plan to calculate in-house resource estimates.

sokdee photos (1).png


Based on the results of current exploration program, there are clear indications of the discovery of a significant Cu-Au-Mo porphyry system with adjacent related mineralization.

We believe though that our Sokdee project is a standout in the crowded field of early-stage projects in that we already have economic intersections from three different styles of mineralization, including a porphyry.


The real merit of our project is boosted by the scale of the system within a vastly underexplored but productive belt. The first results indicate that in addition to the Cu-Au-Mo Namthom porphyry, the Mouk target is a new, untested soil Au-Ag-Zn-Cu-Mo anomaly, 1600m in length and broadly along strike of the Namthom porphyry system.

To date, the overall system is six kilometres in length, with the Namthom porphyry but one point along that strike. Based on geochemical halo modelling, we have reason to believe that there are likely two additional blind porphyries along that extent as well as additional structurally related styles of mineralization.


  • Loie mineral belt developed during the Permo-Triassic epoch [250Ma]

  • Comprises intermediate-felsic volcanics intruded by dioritic porphyries

  • Sokdee concession is 50 km2, located 100 km NNW of Vientiane and 30km west of a new high-speed railway line and highway. Hydroelectric powerlines also located 30km away

  • Rural location, low-density farming and rubber plantations. The nearest village of Namthom lies 6km from the prospect

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